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Parasound’s New Cost-Cutting 1,250-Watt THX Ultra 2 Power Amplifier

Parasound 5250v2_fr_300.jpg
Parasound, the San Francisco based supplier of high performance audio amplifiers and components, has redesigned its Model 5250 power amplifier after six years as the flagship of its popular NewClassic family of products. The new Parasound NewClassic Model 5250 v.2 is designed for home theater enthusiasts who want the performance of a very high-powered amplifier, while pairing it with an affordable state-of-the-art surround receiver that has all the latest technology.


The Parasound NewClassic 5250 v.2 offers the same THX Ultra 2 Certified, five-channel, 250-watts per channel power ratings as its predecessor, but with a more graceful front panel design, adjustable gain for each channel making it compatible with the preamp outputs of any AV receiver, and more than 60 other improvements to its operating features and circuitry.

Power in a Tiny Package For A Little Traveling Music

XD500_3_ART copy.jpg

JL Audio's Ultra-Compact 3-Channel Amplifier

JL Audio is now introducing the XD500/3, a three-channel, 500-watt amplifier designed to power a component speaker system plus a subwoofer system. JL Audio's efficient NexDTM switching amplifier technology allows the XD500/3 to produce huge power from a very compact package. The main channels produce 150-200W total, giving high-quality component speakers plenty of clean power, while the dedicated subwoofer channel can produce up to 300W of clean, low-frequency power.

"This is a perfect amplifier for powering simpler systems in pickup trucks, sports cars or any application with a single component system plus a subwoofer." said JL Audio's VP-Marketing, Manville Smith. "Because of its tiny size, reasonable price and efficiency, we expect that it will also become very popular for Powersports applications."

SAVANT™ Introduces 16-channel Multi-Room Class D Amplifier

Savant Amp_front.jpg
Savant Systems LLC, having delivered the first Apple®-based home automation and control system, has announced the introduction of a 16-channel class D amplifier for distributed audio applications. AMP-1640 is in direct response to market demand for a multi-room audio amplifier that leverages Savant's industrial design, delivering the same look and feel as Savant's other rack mountable devices. AMP-1640 can be placed either on a shelf or within an equipment rack. 

Onkyo Proves Everything Old is New Again

Onkyo Stack.jpg
Onkyo, the 60-year old audio manufacturer, has announced a new range of elite hi-fi separate components with a style reminiscent of the company's classic stereo models of the 1980s. All three models, the P-3000R pre-amplifier, M-5000R power amplifier, and C-7000R CD player, incorporate Onkyo's new Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry (DIDRC) to counteract unwanted high-frequency interference.Despite being beyond the normal range of human hearing, frequencies above 100 kHz are susceptible to clock pulses and other forms of distortion from digital devices., Such distortion in the super-high frequency range can generate "beat interference," which in turn affects the character or atmosphere of the original sound.

Classé New Delta Series Amplifiers Honored with “Best of” Award at CES

CES-2011 Best of Logo.jpg
Classé has been honored by Consumer Electronics Association at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), being held in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Classé has received "Best Power Amplifier" award for its CAM-600 monoblock amplifier. The original Classé Delta series amplifiers have an established reputation among audiophiles as well as the entertainment industry - being utilized in studios and mastering labs that produce music and movies.


The CAM-600's entire amplification process occurs on a single board, creating direct and transparent signal path. The miniaturized driver stage provides the output stage with nuanced, virtually noise-free signal, according to the manufacturer.

Further, full design attention has been given to the issue of heat. In conventional amplifiers, the exposed heatsink fins are passive and they can't help circuits reach their ideal temperature or keep them there throughout a listening session. They run at a temperature wholly defined by their environment and how loud they are playing. This can be far from ideal. Heat management in Classé's new Delta series amplifiers is provided by the ICTunnelTM (pronounced Icy Tunnel), a sensor- and microprocessor-controlled technology inspired by the heatsinks found in high-power laser and medical equipment. Mounted inside the unit, the ICTunnelTM actively regulates the amplifier temperature to ensure both optimum performance and reliability. From room temperature, the amplifiers warm up fast. They reach their ideal temperature in less than fifteen minutes and remain there regardless of how hard they are driven.

Startling Specs:
Frequency response 1 Hz - 100 kHz, -3dB
Output power 600W rms into 8Ω (27.8 dBW)
1200W rms into 4Ω (27.8 dBW)
Harmonic Distortion <0.002% at 1 kHz balanced
<0.004% at 1 kHz single ended


Signal to Noise Ratio -120dB at peak output into 8Ω

To learn more, click here:

MSRP Classé CAM-600 $7,000

Cary Audio Design Unveils New Power Amplifiers

Cary SA-500_front_800.jpg
Cary Audio Design, North Carolina-based manufacturer of high performance AV equipment, is introducing two new power amplifiers. The Model SA-200.2 and SA-500.1 solid-state power amplifiers represent an all-new modular design that ensures consistency in performance, and ease of serviceability. The focus of the new design is improved performance and current-handling capacity while still maintaining the highest levels of sonic quality. 

EarthQuake Sound Corp. Announces New Seven Channel Amplifier

Earthquake Sound's Cinénova series multi-channel amplifiers are known for their raw power as well as their transparency. The new Cinénova7 seven-channel amplifier represents a monaural design, producing 170 watts per channel measured with all channels driven at 8 ohms. The Cinénova7 can accommodate a diverse amount of audio set-ups. The manufacturer recommends the use of fully balanced XLR inputs in cases when the distance between the Cinénova and the audio source is excessive and susceptible to noise interference.


MSRP: $4,200

For more information, click here: 

NuVo Technologies’ New Energy-Efficient Four-Channel Digital Power Amplifier is Now Shipping

NuVo Technologies, a value-oriented manufacturer in whole home audio, has begun shipping the new four-channel D460 digital power amplifier. With each channel delivering 60 watts each, the amplifier consumes less power than a 60-watt light bulb. The D460 amplifier is an energy-efficient choice for a wide array of installations and complements NuVo's whole home audio systems, while it is also compatible with third party equipment.

The Vinyl Corner: Parasound Ships Halo Phono Preamp

Parasound logo_halo__gold1.gif
Parasound, the San Francisco-based manufacturer of high-end audio components, has announced that it is now shipping the first production run of its much-anticipated John Curl designed Halo JC 3 Phono Preamplifier. Nearly 20 years ago Curl also designed the Vendetta Research SCP2B that is still regarded by many audiophiles as the preeminent phono preamp. As of this writing, the JC3 is so new, we beat the Parasound website to the punch; we could find no reference to it yet.

The new Parasound Halo JC 3 is a high-performance dual-mono phono preamplifier. Like all phono preamplifiers, the JC 3 must multiply the tiny audio signal generated by a high-end low-output moving coil or moving magnet phonograph cartridge and make it strong enough to deliver to the input of a line level preamplifier. The JC3 uses the smallest possible amplifier circuit and the least amount of copper to reduce potential noise and distortion.

E = MC Tubed: Einstein MKII Audio Preamplifier


Lets Listeners Select Input Tubes For Each Audio Source


Einstein Audio Components, a leading German designer and manufacturer of premium audio gear, is driving its preamplifier model "The Tube MKII" with a veritable forest of vacuum tubes - 19 dual triodes to be exact. Ingeniously, only 10 of the 6922 tubes operate at any given time, eight for power and two for whichever audio source happens to be playing. The tube-a-holic crowd will always wax ecstatic over the musicality of tube electronics. This Einstein piece will give them a lot to crow about. U.S. distributor Aaudio Imports tells us The Tubeb MKII is an exceptionally quiet and neutral-sounding preamplifier capable of ultra-quiet operation, explosive dynamics and fast transients, with a clear, musical presentation that captures the spirit of musical performances. Music is experienced as producers and artists intend.

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