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Masterfully Modern Custom Installation

March 5, 2010 By Brooke Lange 42 comments
Masterfully Modern Custom Installation

A contemporary home with 11,500 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space is built for entertaining.

Interior designers Sam Ewing and Gail Winn discuss the details.

Installation of the Year Awards 2009 - Best Whole-House Installation

November 6, 2009 By Charles Crowley 44 comments
Installation of the Year Awards 2009 - Best Whole-House Installation

Best Whole-House Installation

Bliss Home Theaters and Automation Inc. of Westlake Village, Calif.

The Big Show

With the push of one button, this home shows off everything it can do. And it can do a lot.

Installation of the Year Awards 2009 - Best Innovation Installation

November 5, 2009 By Dennis Burger 50 comments
Installation of the Year Awards 2009 - Best Innovation Installation

Best Innovation Installation

Cineramax of Miami, Fla.

Reinventing the Wheel

Commercial cinema and home theater come together like never before in this amazing private screening room.

True Blue Home Theater

October 23, 2009 By Brooke Lange 39 comments
True Blue Home Theater

A new addition designed for lap swimming morphs into this nautically-inspired home theater.
The “six degrees of separation” phenomenon is happening among Home Entertainment’s readers and home-theater aficionados. Some owners of the private screening rooms that have graced the magazine’s pages actually know one another.

A case in point is the couple who built this contemporary movie space, nestled within a woodsy family compound in New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Two Creative Solutions to TV Installation

Dallas integrator knows custom means creative.

Theater Advice's work

David Huse, owner of Theater Advice in Dallas, TX, knows that custom electronics integration means solving problems and satisfying customer requests. When a customer invites him into a home, Huse never knows exactly what kind of issues he’s going to find.

Patio TV

In the first project, the client wanted an outdoor TV for his cover, but not totally enclosed, backyard patio. The client didn’t want to spring for a more expensive weatherproof TV, so Huse’s job was to create a protective enclosure that would shield the TV from most of the elements (it would take six feet of water to get this TV wet) while also allowing it to be hidden away when not in use.

A Tour Through a Multimedia Mansion

Each Samsung LED TV gets it's own Marantz Blu-ray player.

Multimedia Mansion: The Library

All home theaters are not equal. A home theater for a studio apartment is going to be vastly different than one for a 3-bedroom home. But what kind of theater befits the style, form and function of a multi-million dollar mansion? The owner of this home is a high-level executive at a world-class electronics company, so he knows a thing or two about technology. In outfitting his large home, approached The Source Home Theater, of Staten Island, N.Y. for advice.

Inside Entourage Star Kevin Connolly’s Home Theater Transformation

DIY Network helps actor turn drab bar area into an eye-popping screening room.

Kevin Connolly's home theater

Oh, to be rich and famous enough that TV networks make shows about fixing up my home. Entourage may be winding down as the hit HBO series recently kicked off its final season, but things are just starting to heat up, technology-wise, at the home of star Kevin Connolly.

Hollywood Hi-Tech, a new program on the DIY Network, recently helped Connolly, better known as “E” to Entourage fans, transform his bachelor pad-style bar area into a home theater.

Ari Gold, Drama, Turtle and Vinny Chase won’t have a problem screening a movie or two on Connolly’s 110-inch Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek Screen.

Covering It All: A Wall Covering Company Mixes Technology and Whimsy

The stylish ‘Flavor Lair’ in Brooklyn provides a creative vibe for both work and pleasure.

Wallpaper business goes high-tech

You own a stylish wallpaper company and want to entertain clients in a setting that mixes business and pleasure—along with strong doses of whimsy and technology. What to do?

If you’re the owner of Flavor Paper, which makes high-end wall coverings, including scratch-n-sniff wallpaper, you buy a four-story building in Brooklyn, N.Y., gut and renovate it to house your business offices, showroom and screening press—as well as apartments for employees. And you top it off with your own extremely entertaining digs.

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