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Cyborg Theater Inspired by Terminator

Custom fabricated cyborg artifacts make this a theater Cyberdyne would approve of.

This couple's Terminator-inspired home theater

We’re not completely sure what would inspire a homeowner to jump at a new home theater room that looks like a tribute to the destruction of humanity, but it’s been done before, so it qualifies as a trend. This particular home theater, done by Vivid F/X Custom Install Services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a great example of what a little sci-fi mixed with a lot of 21st century technology can do together.

Vivid F/X owner, DJ Gerling says the project started as a simple upgrade to the home owners’ existing satellite television system. A visit to the basement to check out wiring revealed a largely untapped 14’ x 21’ space that begged for a home theater system. The couple who lived there had been planning to place a plasma TV and a JBL HTiB between some old kitchen cabinets, but Gerling explained the possibilities of a full front projection system, and soon the couple was hooked. A little more questioning on Gerling’s part about the couple’s movie preference soon resulted in the “Terminator” idea.

From the Catacombs: A Tomb Raider Themed Theater

Theaters like the ones on these pages are often found in multimillion-dollar homes. So one would never guess that above the garage in this modest home in White Bear Lake, Minn., sits a world-class theater. Here, authentic-looking accouterments inspired by the movie Tomb Raider commingle with precision audio/video to transport guests to the catacombs of ancient Egypt, or wherever the plot of the movie takes them.

Lara Croft Discovering this Home Theater

“It’s rare that you meet a client like this—an enthusiast who is so excited about the project that they become engrossed in the design of the theater,” says Lance Anderson, president of Admit One. “Most of the larger projects we do are in homes where the owners consider the theater to be just another room in the house. In this case, however, the Paul and Rachel actually added a room to the house for a no-comprise home cinema.” As such, owners knew exactly what they wanted and were prepared to help execute their vision for a realistic themed theater.

Aesthetically Asian Home Theater

June 18, 2010 By Susan Sharpe 28 comments
Aesthetically Asian

First Impressions Theme Theatres’ Jeffrey Smith inherits a theme for a home theater and creates an original masterpiece.

Inside the Nautilus

October 1, 2005 By Jean Penn 40 comments

Introduced in Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea in 1870, and popularized by Walt Disney in 1954, the Nautilus is still the most famous of all submarines. Kirk Douglas and James Mason starred in the movie, but the novel’s menacingly sharklike vessel, with its opulent Victorian interior, was the real star, and ignited the dreams and imagination of many a youngster.

Bright Lights, Cozy Home Theater

August 1, 2005 By Felicia Levine 28 comments

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a night on the town in The Big Apple. Dramatic deep purple skies. Soaring skyscrapers. The spectacular, twinkling Brooklyn Bridge.

Homeowner Robert Coulombe, a professional bridge builder for 18 years, has always been smitten by the Brooklyn Bridge—so much that he made the 1883 engineering marvel the focal point of his new home theater. 

The Death Star Theater

December 1, 2004 By Dennis Burger 46 comments

When Lisa Stevens brought home a Boba Fett action figure from Return of the Jedi for her boyfriend Vic Wertz, neither of them imagined that the seemingly innocuous 3-inch-tall helmeted bounty hunter would be the inspiration for one of the most impressive private shrines ever erected in honor of George Lucas’ renowned epic fantasy film saga.

Happy Days

April 1, 2003 By Brooke Lange 22 comments

In the Land of Home Theaters, carefully crafted movie-watching spaces satisfy a wealth of psychological needs. Some people build them to ensure quality family time—a plush place where they can plop down with the kids, watch the latest DVD release and bond (it’s a sneaky, somewhat selfish tactic, but it guarantees parents will see their offspring at least one night a week).

Midnight at the Oasis

February 3, 2003 By Hope Winsborough 28 comments

When the Gorman Richardson design team was invited to build a state-of-the-art theater for a customer, they faced a major challenge. Their world-traveler clients envisioned a screening room that would feel like their own private harem, a place where they could “escape into a fanciful world.”

“We planned to do a traditional theater with stacks of seats,” the owner recalls. “Then my wife and I decided against that.” Instead, they imagined a room that did not resemble a theater—a small, intimate space that comfortably seats four to six guests.

Plugged In

December 20, 2002 By Brent Butterworth 21 comments

Paul Colton knew what he wanted. Lugging a dog-eared copy of an old magazine with a picture of a stunning home theater, Colton walked into Genesis Audio & Video, which built the theater, and said, “This is what I want. Can you build this?”

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