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Magnolia Improves High-End Listening on the West Coast

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Magnolia Audio Video has contracted Performance Media Industries (PMI) Ltd. to design listening rooms at four of its California design centers (San Francisco, San Carlos, Roseville, Mission Valley). Located inside Best Buy® stores, these four Magnolia Design Centers will feature premier-quality stations with four listening axes to deliver optimal sound performance from any location or direction in the room. 

Using their expertise in the engineering of high quality listening rooms, PMI has designed and specified acoustical tuning systems to suit each room's size and needs. The acoustical tuning systems are supplied by MSR Acoustics, using a combination of Sonata and Symphony modules from their new Dimension4TM collection. "The challenge Magnolia presented was to have all four corners of these new listening rooms sound great. We created a unique environment where listeners will be able to hear the subtle differences in various levels of speakers, all in the same space," commented Anthony Grimani, president of PMI Ltd.

Roseville and San Carlos locations recently opened to the public; San Francisco and Mission Valley locations will open October 21st.

Talk of the Town

June 24, 2009 By David Dritsas 4 comments
Talk of the Town

Talk of the Town of Allendale, New Jersey, recently celebrated the re-opening of one of its showrooms, a heavily redesigned space that features seven home theater and home automation rooms.

In addition to home cinema, the facility was rebuilt to highlight home automation technologies for families looking to improve their house while the economy go through this rough patch. It also serves as an environment to educate architects and interior designers.

DSI Entertainment Systems

May 14, 2009 By David Dritsas 3 comments
DSI Entertainment Systems

Showroom Splendor in West Hollywood

“An excellent showroom environment is like a very good piece of theater,” says Aaron Gutin, showroom manager for DSI Entertainment Systems. “You’re captivated from the moment it starts and it leaves you feeling energized, interested, and excited. Hopefully, you want to come back for more.”

This idea is a core concept behind how Gutin and DSI run the company’s showroom in West Hollywood, California, but there is much more going on as to what makes this location special.

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