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WooAudio WES Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier and Stax SR-007 Mk2 Electrostatic Headphone Review

July 13, 2009 By Steve Guttenberg 57 comments
WooAudio WES and Stax SR-007 Mk2 Review

All ears!

Lucky me, I recently reviewed three of the world's very best headphones, the Audio Technica ATH-W5000, Denon AH-D7000 and Sennheiser HD 800 for Home Entertainment, due in the September issue.

But the advancement of high-end headphones doesn't stand still and now I've heard something even better: The WooAudio WES headphone amplifier and Stax SR-007 Mk2 headphone.

High End Headphone and Headphone Amp Roundup

December 15, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 97 comments
Ultimate Headphone Roundup.jpg

A mini survey of ear-bogglingly good headphones and headphone amplifiers

I'd like to let you in on a little secret: You can buy terrific headphones for next to nothing. That's not to say they all sound great, but a bigger budget definitely buys better build and sound quality.

For this roundup I've selected three contenders for the world's best headphone: the Denon AH-D5000, Grado Labs GS-1000, and the Ultrasone Edition 9, plus a pair of headphone amplifiers, Benchmark's DAC1 USB and Woo Audio's WA5-LE.

For Audio Tweaks: Vincent Audio Debuts KHV-111MK Hybrid Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

Don't look now, but headphones are coming back in a big way. Maybe it's the iPod Syndrome...maybe we just want to isolate, hibernate and vegetate. There's no question that high-quality phones provide a listening experience like no other. Vincent Audio has introduced a high-quality headphone amplifier that uses a hybrid of vacuum tube and solid-state circuitry to enable serious headphone listeners to get the most pleasure out of their music. The Vincent Audio KHV-111MK headphone amplifier combines premium solid-state discrete component circuitry with a classic 12AX7 vacuum tube input stage that is ideally matched to the headphone use. The 12AX7 is a two-channel, pure Class A triode vacuum tube noted for its high gain, accuracy and musical character.

Get an Earful from Celebs

Le Bron PowerBeats_Red.jpg
That Monster and Dr. Dre have teamed up to produce "Beats", their inny / outie earphone line is not news. After all, the partnership has been doing well for years now. But we thought you should see what the well-dressed ear is wearing this season... and from whose ears these phones are hanging. So, when celebs are walking the red carpet at the next Grammys or Academy Awards, the question "Who are you wearing?" may take on an entirely different meaning.

CES Award Winner -Sleek Audio's Magnum Earphone, the SA7

CES-2011 Best of Logo.jpg
Sleek Audio's SA7 earphones have won "Best Of" award at the recently held Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A milled aluminum core houses this first-of-its kind custom tuned dual armature driver configuration. The drivers are encased in a layer of silicone, protected by military-grade carbon fiber sidings and held together with a titanium hexagonal fastener. (Optional kryptonite carrying case).

The SA7 drivers are tuned by Sleek's acoustic engineers to offer clarity with brilliant highs, strong mids and accurate, powerful bass. To enhance the audio experience even further, the SA7 boasts Sleek's acclaimed VQ TM Tuning system, allowing you to acoustically tune your music to match your individual sonic preference. The manufuacturer claims its ESC (Environmental Sound Control) blocks more than double the ambient noise of larger, noise cancelling earphones.

As part of Sleek's Signature series, the SA7 also offers Wireless Hybrid Technology, offering the ability to go from wired, to wireless and back again using KleerTM lossless technology.

To learn more & see a cool video click here 


To purchase online, click here

Ludacris Collaborates with Signeo USA for Personal Audio Products Line

Signeo USA, manufacturer of pro and consumer audio, has announced the worldwide launch of personal audio products - SOUL by Ludacris®. In a collaborative effort with the Grammy winning artist Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, the SOUL® brand kicks off with an initial 5-model line-up of high definition headphones that offer the sound quality of a professional headphone within a stylized design.


"It was important to our team to create a collection of audio concepts that not only delivers a powerful and precise listening experience, but also embodies the kind of style people look for in a nice pair of sunglasses or even a sports car", said Bob Bonefant, Executive Director of Signeo USA. "Ludacris is a perfect partner for us as he is the consummate individualist and has such a talent for infusing a distinct style into everything he does."

Rock-Star Sound Quality for iPods, MP3 Players

Do you notice those in-ear monitors that musicians wear onstage? Known for exceptional noise isolation (-26dB), comfort and superior sound quality, your favorite Rock Gods rely on brands like JH Audio to let them hear everything that the band is pumping out. Now you can have your very own custom pair of Pro Series in-ear monitors for your iPod or other mobile music delivery system.

Ultrasone’s Limited Edition 10: World’s Most Luxurious Headphones?

Zebrano wood inlays, Ethiopian sheepskin ear pads, Titanium drivers, MU-Metal shielding, galvanic Ruthenium plating - look up "lavish" in the dictionary and you'll see this image.


Germany's Ultrasone AG has unveiled what are arguably the world's most off-the-hook headphones. The Edition 10 is a result of years of R&D. Drawing inspiration from natural forms, the Edition 10's ear cups feature high levels of air permeability through the grills, high specific torsion strength, extremely low resonance ...and in a lightweight design. The outer ear cup is finished with a Zebrano wood inlay, coated with eight layers of clear lacquer. The Edition 10's inner ear cup, as well as the head-pad, is made of Ethiopian sheepskin, known for its supplenosity(?), achieving maximum comfort level and sound isolation. There's a punchline hiding here somewhere but it escapes me.

The Titanium-plated 40 mm drivers have been specially tuned for open back application. Each set of drivers has been individually paired with a tolerance of +/- 0.4. The Edition 10s reduce sound pressure on the eardrum by up to 40% and also provide shielding from EMF radiation up to 98%. Attention to detail can also be seen via silver-plated OFC 99.99% pure copper wires in Kevlar casing, achieving increased current flow, improved flexibility and lower overall weight.

Each Edition 10 headphone comes with a hand crafted Zebrano wood headphone stand and is housed in its own wooden box for safe storage and transportation. Only 2,010 Edition 10 headphones will be produced, each one will be embossed with its own serial number.

The Edition 10 headphones have a MSRP of $2,749 and will be available at www.ultrasone.com and high-end audio retailers worldwide. To learn more about Ultrasone's Edition 10, go to www.edition-10.com

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