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CES 2010

Simaudio MOON 300D

January 13, 2010 By Geoffrey Morrison 14 comments
Simaudio MOON 300D

M-O-O-N that spells USB
Building on their experience with such products as the award winning i3.3, Simaudio is now offering the 300D USB DAC.

Digital in, sweet sound out.

Details after the jump.

McIntosh MVP881 BR

January 13, 2010 By HE Staff 19 comments
McIntosh MVP881 BR


A Profile 2.0 Blu-ray player isn't anything interesting anymore.

But a BD player that also plays DVD-Audio and SACD... and it's from McIntosh? Sign us up.

Crestron V-Panel

January 12, 2010 By HE Staff 5 comments
Crestron V-Panel

1080p Touch

Crestron has announced their V-Panel line, notable as the first 1080p touchpanels.

Able to be installed just about anywhere in the home, the V-Panels have a host of cool new features.

All the info after the jump.

Samsung 9000 Series

January 11, 2010 By Geoffrey Morrison 10 comments

Just when you thought you knew thin.

In one of the coolest unveils at the show, Samsung has announced the 9000 series, which is only 0.3 inches thick. 

Specs are fuzzy at the moment, but what we know and a bunch more images of this incredible TV after the jump.

Not Done Yet

January 11, 2010 1 comments
CES 2010

CES may be done with us, but we're not done with it. Even more coverage to come.

Lindemann USB-DDC

January 10, 2010 By HE Staff 12 comments
Lindemann USB-DDC


The USB-DDC is a 24/96 Digital to Digital converted designed to convert the audio on your computer (via USB) to be able to be played on your receiver or pre/pro (via coax or optical)

More info after the jump.

Acapella High Violoncello II

January 10, 2010 By HE Staff 8 comments
Acapella High Violoncello II

Ion Tweeter

Forget silk, metal, or some funky composite. The High Violoncello II from Germany’s Acapella has a massless ion tweeter.

All the info after the jump.

Pass Labs INT-30A

January 10, 2010 By HE Staff 12 comments
Pass Labs INT-30A

Class A Integrated

Based on the XA30.5 stereo amp, the INT-30A promises to offer the same audio quality of that amp with the convenience of an integrated amp.

All the info after the jump.

4Store by Control4

January 9, 2010 By Liz Palacios 7 comments

Control4 has launched 4Store, an online marketplace where homeowners can download apps that will assist with customization, functionality and interconnectivity of Control4 smart homes.

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